Executive Leaders’ Challenge

Today’s leaders must drive progress regardless of circumstance. 

They must be agile, resilient, and courageous to navigate shifting priorities and global economic uncertainty. These demands require executives to modify the very skills and styles of operating that contributed to their success. 

Why hire Jan Jenkins as an executive coach? 

  • Small positive changes for a leader, especially a leader in a key role, can have a significant impact on an organization.
  • Jan will help you achieve your desired outcomes faster with more focus and confidence.
  • Jan uses several methods to track your progress and provides you with clear measurement and ROI.

“Jan's coaching made a clear difference for our managers, high potentials, directors, and vice presidents.”

Vice President | Global Organizational Effectiveness | Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Any Leader's Challenge

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Maybe you:

  • acquired a new role/position and wish to jump start early successes
  • want to move forward faster with clear focus
  • want to lead change more effectively
  • wish to increase your executive presence/influence in your organization  
  • seek a way to meld a group of individuals into a cohesive team
  • want to address conflict directly and resolve the underlying issues
  • seek ways to create ongoing, honest conversations
  • want to experience less stress and more satisfaction in your work and personal relationships

If any of these challenges describe your current situation, do something different. It's time to get your mojo back!

Jan's coaching mission is to help successful, motivated leaders develop new behaviors and ways of being that create sustainable, positive change in behavior.  


To accomplish this mission, Jan uses a unique coaching approach that she developed: Courage Edge™. The model is meaningful for senior executives and emerging leaders/high potentials. Best of all, this coaching approach benefits the person being coached and the organization.

Contact Jan Jenkins for availability and investment.

“If any business professional has 'earned the right' to help individuals develop their potential, it's Jan Jenkins. Jan is an exceptional Executive Coach who has faced life's toughest challenges head on. She will help you crystalize your goals, and set you on a path to achieve them. Jan is good-natured, and fearless. She exudes trust, credibility, and impeccable character. Connect with Jan. Best of all, you will have a friend for life."

John McMunn | President | McMunn Enterprises, Inc.