"Footprints of Courage really makes you appreciate the truth in making every moment count. This extremely motivational book gives you that ‘little push’ to dig deep and find courage within yourself."

Director | Wal-Mart Inc

Jan’s book, Footprints of Courage, is a page turner that resonates in her readers’ hearts. Since the release of the first edition in October 2009, she has received hundreds of messages from senior executives to teens who write, "I couldn’t put the book down!"

This real-life story challenges and inspires people to live a legacy that makes a difference because ‘Life Matters’ and ‘Courage Counts.’

“I was so moved by Footprints of Courage it almost left me speechless. What a monumental work you accomplished writing this book. I pray its effects will be felt across the world.”  

Rich Meiss | President | Meiss Education Institute

Guided by courage and fueled by love, the Jenkins’s family’s pursuit of truth captured the attention of national and international media.

2-hour special April 2018

The Today Show, Good Morning America, FOX News Channel & MSNBC

People Magazine, New York Post, New York Daily News, Anderson Cooper’s 360 blog, Britain’s The Mirror, The Telegraph, Croatia’s & Toronto’s City News.

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Footprints of Courage will become an inseparable 'how to' companion for those needing a touchstone, a way-finder, a guide and guiding light, a step-by-step approach for handling the seemingly impossible.” 

Tim Cowen | Executive Director | Maravilla Scottsdale