How We Partner With You

Listen intently

From the very first conversation, we listen intently to co-create your solution. We are keenly interested in learning more about your current situation and desired future state. To broaden our understanding, we’d love to hear about your team, your leaders, and your business.


Conversations to Define Next Steps

We ask insightful questions for understanding and clarification based on our field work before and after meeting with you. Next, we summarize our understanding of your situation and needs. Together we define our goal and partner in building our relationship.


Co-create Solution

We create a draft outline and seek your input. Then we design and implement the plan we’ve agreed to. It may include team and/or individual coaching, leadership and/or team development. Based on your needs, we’re happy to train/coach your leaders to continuously develop new leadership skills and talents in your organization.



We strive to collaborate with you and everyone we meet in your organization. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where people feel free to ask the tough questions, and express their concerns and hopes. We create a space that suspends judgment so people can openly share their thoughts, consider ideas they don’t agree with, and confidently give and receive honest feedback. We encourage feedforward: specifically, what someone can do differently in the future to be more effective.



We measure every step of our journey with you. Examples: brief surveys, informal conversations, monthly executive summaries, and an online tool measuring individual and team performance.


Observations and Recommendations

To accelerate your business success, we provide our observations and recommendations throughout the journey and at the end of the engagement. Using our final analysis as a guide, we co-create next steps to sustain the progress you achieved.

"In times of business or professional uncertainty, a clear voice of leadership and insight is a welcome and sometimes crucial path to success. Jan's singular life and business experiences allow her to bring meaningful business value to her clients from the very first conversation."

Mark Eldridge | Global Account Director & GM | The Walt Disney Company at SAP

What Clients Say

“Authentic” “Inspiring” “Approachable” These are words leaders use to describe working with Jan Jenkins. 

VIDEO: Click here to watch Jan live: Red Heels in the Green Room

“It’s possible to come back stronger and more resilient from any circumstance life might present,” says Jan. 

Jan’s ability to connect with participants along with her compelling delivery

  • Encourage employees to engage, contribute and stay 
  • Develop leaders who successfully lead change 
  • Spark innovation for breakthrough outcomes 
  • Inspire greatness in leaders who create cultures of courage 

With 30 years of corporate coaching, facilitating and consulting expertise, Jan is highly qualified to provide services for groups looking to further educate employees or build/sustain a vibrant, respected culture that attracts talent.

Jan received recognition for her commitment to Leadership Development at Walmart’s 2005 annual meeting. In 2008 she served as a consultant in the new design of Walmart’s flagship leadership and culture program: The Walton Institute.

“I have a very short list of people who have impacted my life and you have been added to that list. The class you facilitated was a powerful experience and I know my take-aways will enhance my career and life.”

Theresa Nelson | Wal-Mart Inc.