Are you ready to experience the Courage Edge™ coaching advantage? 

The secret sauce to behavioral change is the leader. 

Jan is passionate about developing courageous leaders who recognize the need for behavioral change to enhance their professional and personal skills, and commit to necessary changes. Leaders must be willing to: 

  • Choose key stakeholders
  • Listen openly to feedback and feedforward (suggestions for future behavior) from stakeholders
  • Commit to the steps in the coaching process
  • Set clear and measurable goals based on input from self and others
  • Start again after setbacks

Measurable achievement is determined by the leader and key stakeholders who play an important role in supporting the leader. The Courage Edge™ Coaching Process helps leaders gain confidence, resilience, and be positive role models for their people and teams. 

From Jan’s experience, the value gained by leaders who commit to a coaching process is much greater than the time spent and financial investment. Coaching engagements are customized for each client and include: 

  • Clear goals and measurable behavior changes
  • Assessment of current situation to include: interviews and/or various assessments, current behaviors and values
  • Online action plan with desired goals, resources and support needed
  • Scheduled coaching conversations with Jan
  • Online feedback/feedforward from supporters/key stakeholders
  • A plan to sustain changes and receive supporter feedback after the formal coaching ends. 

Coaching engagements of 6+ months show ROI measurement such as: time saved, increased productivity, higher retention.

Recent client experience: Client organization realized a 20% reduction in turnover, and the client believed at least 15% of that was due to: concurrent executive team building and individual executive coaching leadership development for key managers and their teams. The $1.35M gain (at 15%) from reduced turnover far exceeded the coaching and development fees. Jan guarantees coaching results. 

“I always think of Jan Jenkins whenever I conduct High Performance Coaching on courage and inspirational leadership. I've had the honour of co-facilitating consulting/training sessions with Jan. I highly recommend you reach out to her as the outstanding benefits you and your team would gain will quickly be self-evident.”  Rolf Foster-Jorgensen | President | Optimire Consulting and Training Inc.

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