"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion."

   Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Would you like to prove the impact and effectiveness of your leadership development programs? Can you clearly measure your coaching impact? 

If you want to measure leadership behavior change, look no further. 

At Legacy of Courage, we've learned that most organizations would love to know how their investment in developing people has impacted indicators like retention, productivity, efficiency, revenue, and innovation. 

So we partnered with 5.12 Solutions Consulting Group to offer clients a way to prove measurable results: Coachmetrix. Why? It gives our clients an important edge in accelerating leadership change which positively impacts leaders and organizational culture. 

Introducing Coachmetrix

We use Coachmetrix, a cloud-based leadership development tool that tracks progress in an effective and disciplined way. 

What does Coachmetrix do? 

  • provides a support structure to keep a leader focused and accountable
  • measures behavior change over time for each participant
  • makes content accessible on any mobile device

How does it work? 


  • create action plans that include a goal and necessary behavior(s) to reach the goal
  • share online action plans with manager and supporters/key stakeholders
  • receive regular pulse feedback/feedforward from supporters/key stakeholders
  • access learning content provided by coach
  • engage in ongoing online discussions with coach

Why Coachmetrix? 

  • engages tech-savvy clients with a leading-edge solution
  • online action plans create transparency
  • keeps track of action plans, pulse feedback
  • manages multiple coaches and tracks how their coaches are performing
  • online discussions ensure that participants and coaches are engaged
  • real-time pulse feedback from supporters can be kicked off any time by participant or coach

What we hear often from clients: "I love how everything involved in my coaching engagement is in one spot!" 

How does the organization benefit? 

Open dialogue between participant and supporters: 

  • increases communication
  • builds relationships
  • evokes honest conversations
  • creates desired organizational culture

Coachmetrix, a unique leadership development tool, benefits the person being coached, other leaders, staff, teams, and the organization. 

“Jan's coaching skills and input into the lives of our leaders resulted in measurable outcomes.” 

Senior Director | Global Organizational Effectiveness | Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Your first project on Coachmetrix is free. For details connect with Jan.