Your courage as a leader will be tested. Are you ready?

By combining her successful 30-year career as a highly respected facilitator and coach with her personal journey, Jan developed the Courage Edge™ : how to find a way forward and lead through uncertainty. 

Acting with courage is edgy; it lifts people out of their comfort zone and taps into their limitless potential. 

A culture of courage is a massive tail wind to achieve extraordinary outcomes for employees and customers. Culture is competitive advantage.

“Jan demonstrated a solid level of presenting and a passion for challenging managers to ‘be’ the culture of the organization.” 

Vice President | Human Resources | Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

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Cultures of Courage: Popular Workshops

Need to build a sustainable sales culture or create organizational alignment? 

Build a Sustainable Sales Culture: 

Strategic Relationship Selling & Culture

How does your organization communicate with and successfully lead your two most important audiences: employees and customers? 

Many of your future hires will be millennials–the ‘hot-in-demand commodity’ who expect inclusion, recognition, and embrace a connected team environment. What are you currently doing to help them learn to ‘play well’ in your company culture so you can best serve your customers? 

If your organization provides coaching/ training to develop these young confident professionals, they will be an important asset in creating a culture where people speak with candor and respect–a culture of courage. 


  • Understand and appreciate personal work style. 
  • Connect better with internal & external customers (recognize customers’ motivations and priorities). Close more sales faster (adapt to customers’ personal motivations and priorities). 
  • Understand advantages/disadvantages of team/company culture. 
  • Develop specific personal and team action plans to increase effectiveness. 

Bonus: You might attract talent because the buzz is “your company is a great place to work!”

Strategic work sessions: 3 work sessions, (half-day each), 2 weeks apart, field work between sessions

Recommended: Path Forward work session, (2 hours), 1 month after last workshop

“Jan Jenkins led approximately 25 of our employees through Strategic Relationship Selling. I would rate Jan as one of the best (if not the best) instructors that I have experienced in my professional career (31 years). The laughter-filled/content-filled sessions flew by with everyone leaving energized. Jan did an excellent job of staying on track by adjusting to and including the participants. I highly recommend Jan Jenkins.” 

John Haley | VP of Operations | Advanced Molding Technologies

Create Organizational Alignment: 

Discover the Real Work of Leaders: Vision, Alignment, Execution

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How well does your organization's vision get translated and embraced at all levels? Ideally, each leader defines a vision to align their group's specific goals with the overall vision. 

Work of Leaders focuses on tangible steps directed at leading a group or organization toward desired outcomes. 

Leaders will learn: 

  • The compelling 3-step process for the most fundamental work of leaders. 
  • Their individual approach to vision, alignment, and execution. 
  • The 3 drivers and 2 behaviors for crafting a vision, building alignment, and championing execution. 
  • How their leadership behaviors compare to best practices for vision, alignment, and execution. 
  • Personalized tips and strategies that provide a clear path for action. 

Appropriate for leaders at all levels of an organization, this workshop can be delivered in 1 day, 2 days, or 4 half-day sessions, depending on client's desired outcomes. 

“I have had the privilege of working with Jan in multiple companies and capacities. Her keen ability to adapt to my needs and specific issues of my company and team are wonderful assets that make Jan a great resource. I am happy to recommend Jan for training/coaching or any opportunity to help grow your business. Jan will be a true partner in your success." 

Renee Haglund Tierney | VP/Manager | Stewart Title, National Title Services

Jan has worked with thousands of leaders around the world to help them ignite and develop their potential so they can drive progress. She’s a skilled facilitator/consultant who adeptly tailors processes and programs to help her clients create cultures of courage.