Why Jan?

"Courage is the capacity to persist under highly adverse circumstances." 

—   Kouzes & Posner

How does Jan Jenkins, President and Chief Inspiration Officer at Legacy of Courage, make a difference for individuals, teams, and organizations? 

"Life is challenging. Business is complex. People are always in transition in at least one area of their lives. So I developed a way to keep moving forward: the Courage Edge™. It was forged in the depths of a riveting personal tragedy that garnered international media. I learned firsthand what it takes to develop endless courage and cultivate a spirit of resilience."  Jan Jenkins

To drive results, today’s leaders must lead change and develop others in spite of shifting priorities, rapid change, and a volatile global business environment. Courage Edge™ is about finding a way forward and leading through uncertainty. It helps people traverse our new landscape: white water change.

VIDEO: Click here to listen to Jan share her passion and learn about Legacy of Courage.  

Jan Jenkins

"Courage Edge is about finding a way forward and leading through uncertainty. I developed the model to provide a path for individuals and teams to see new possibilities when they are stuck." 

Courage Edge™ is at the core of Legacy of Courage executive coaching programs, leadership development workshops, and team building processes. Thousands of participants have applied it to:
  • strategic initiatives
  • challenging business goals
  • innovative ideas
  • personal struggles

to navigate the unknown and come out on top.

How does Courage Edge™ help people continue to move forward?

  • lifts people out of their comfort zone
  • energizes teams
  • connects people to their beliefs and purpose: 'why'
  •  reduces stress when people see how limiting/competing beliefs stop progress
  • builds confidence and courage
  • fosters commitment and resilience
  • taps into our limitless potential

VIDEO: Click here to listen to Jan talk about the Courage Edge™.

Clients frequently say, Jan Jenkins demonstrates an undeniable ‘passion to help others succeed.’”

Jan’s clients cite the following outcomes:

  • new/enhanced leadership skills
  • greater self-confidence, courage, and resilience
  • increased self-awareness
  • honest conversations
  • trusting relationships
  • willingness and improved skills to resolve conflict
  • higher engagement/renewed pride in organization

These results lead to many long-term relationships between Jan and her clients.

“The success of this two-year effort has more than met my expectations. It has generated new orders for us - more importantly it has allowed us to stand out from our competitors.”

Stephen Steining | VP/Manager | Chicago Title